1. MobeTalk is not responsible if you Give ur anytype of Contact Information to the others.
2. If u upload any type of Illegal or Nude Photograph of your or others, You will be responsible for it .
3. Exploiting and Abusing Users is Strictly Not Allowed.
4. Any Type of Hacking attempts including Injections is illegal and our special script logs the IP Address of such users. If such situation arises ur ip will be forwarded to police.
5. Please enter a username containing letters or numbers (no caps), minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 characters is allowed. No special characters. No swear words, obscene, explicit or rude words. We reserve the right to delete your account which does not conform to site rules.
6. By registering to this site, you signify that you have understood and agreed to be bound by MobeTalk rules.
7. If you cannot follow these rules, we recommend you not to join.
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